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Am I eligible to apply for NDIS?

Age requirement

Aged between 7 and 65 are eligible to apply and connect with NDIS local coordinator and community support.

for children under 7, an early childhood partner lets families know if the NDIS may support their child or not.

Residence requirement

If you are an Australian citizen, Permanent resident, or protected special category visa holder, you are available for NDIS support.

You may also be able to access for support inside the Australia. you need to live in Australia.

Disability requirement

If you have a disability due to a permanent impairment such as intellectual, cognitive, physical, psychosocial, and neurological , NDIS is available for you.

you may be eligible for NDIS if you usually need disability support to do your daily life activities.

Early support requirement

If you need some sort of supports for your family in order to built for future skills you may eligible to apply for NDIS.

your area coordinator can help you to consider your situation. it help you to reduce the risk of caring in future.

Whether you are new to the NDIS, are looking to change providers, already have a plan, or just need help, Tibii is here to help you every step of the way.

Contact us at Tibii

If you would like further information about our #Disability Services, NDIS assistance or have any questions, a member of our staff will always be happy to help. Contact us by telephone, email or the form on website and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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