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#Tibii's support workers will aid our #NDIS registered participants in exploring informal community, mainstream, and financing services so that all #participants may better control their #emotions, manage their #stress, #frustration, and #anxiety, and reduce risky #behaviors at #home, #school, and in the #community.

#Tibii #In_Home_Support_Services help people with #disabilities live more purposeful and #independent lives by assisting them with self-care activities. Our #In_Home Care service allows participants to acquire and build independent living skills while also improving their interactions in their own homes.

Tibii's qualified and experienced #Support_Workers, Carlie Beckman and Tina Rostami will provide valuable assistance in our participant’s own home. Their role is to support participants in building their everyday and social skills, sense of self-esteem, and overall well-being. Using a true #Person_Centred approach.

Support workers experience

Support worker Carlie

“… I met one of our participant for the first time 3 ½ months ago! however, he showed me warmth from the moment of meeting him. He is a sprightly, twelve-year-old boy, who has autism spectrum disorder and #epilepsy. Tibii aims to support him through day-to-day tasks, assisting with his independence, development, and overall quality of life.

He has a big, bright personality, and shows natural curiosity towards his surroundings, resulting in being very inquisitive and keeping everyone around him on their toes! Often, he will ask support workers throughout the day what his other friends (support workers) are up to, e.g., “where is Tina? And where is Robyn? And where is Ralph? Etc. Benjamin is very good at remembering each support worker's name and knew mine from the second time of meeting with him again.
He enjoys engaging with support workers through this excitement and curiosity, often asking questions like “where does the sun go?” and you better be ready to think of a good response! He will then follow the questions with more questions and has stumped me in my tracks more than once when I can’t sporadically think of an answer to all of his deep and wonderful questions. He loves Lego blocks, paw patrol, balloons, bubbles, and sensory materials, He will also often be down to vibe out to Michael Jackson – ‘Man in The Mirror’. These are all great ways to connect with him and have fun.

He constantly teaches me the importance of a human-centered approach through the way he has continued to grow and achieve his goals. I have experienced many heart-felt moments whilst working with him, and that cheeky smile and the way he shows his caring nature towards support workers is just one of the many wonderful rewards of being a support worker. I always remember one moment after a big shift with him that had many ups and downs, another support worker and I were sitting on either side of Benjamin exhausted, Benjamin tucked each of us in with a blanket he had, and looked at me with his cheeky smile and said, “is Carlie happy?” …”

Support worker Tina

“… I have known one of our participant for 5 months now. There are many beautiful stories to share as every minute spent with him is special.
I remember one time I was assisting him with cleaning his hands using wipes, I encouraged him to complete this task independently and he complied. He then had a big smile on his face saying "look, Tina, I did it!". I praised him and told him that I'm so proud of him. He then put his hand on my arm, with the sweetest smile and the happiest voice melted my heart replying "I'm so proud of you Tina!".

However, at #Tibii, we follow the #Human_centered_approaches_plan (HCAP) and believe that each person is an individual and should be treated in a way that makes them shine for who they are. Using strategies when assisting him with tasks has helped to change his behavior, allowing active engagement in his daily activities.
If I want to say about the abilities of him that I have learned the most, I say, he is full of joy, happiness, and positivity. He ensures to involve everyone in a conversation and is curious about all that happens around him. He loves playing with colors and enjoys watching his Paw Patrol. He is always more than happy to introduce the characters to you! …”


Tibii promotes holistic lifestyle choices. We encourage participants to pursue their personal interests in physical activities. Popular activities include, but are not limited to; going to the gym, walking, swimming, bike riding, bowling, hiking, dancing and yoga.

For more information about our In-Home Support services contact us:

Phone 08 7070 6181


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