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Tibii Support coordination

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

What support coordinators do:

Support coordinators help #NDIS participants and/or their nominees understand and implement their NDIS plans. This means we can support people to choose what they would like to spend their NDIS funding on, assist in connecting them with well suited, quality supports, and help get everything organized so they can start working towards their plan goals.

Engaging supports can be an overwhelming task. Knowing the broad range of services and therapies that NDIS funding can be used for requires industry knowledge and experience. #Tibii support coordinators empower participants by asking them what their needs and goals are to ensure that the participant’s funding is used intentionally for the maxim value and benefit of the participant.

Support coordination is a popular service for many participants who see the value in expert knowledge and who may feel overwhelmed navigating the NDIS system alone.

What NDIS participants need to know?

NDIS participants can request to have funding for a Support Coordinator added to their plan. This is what is called a “Capacity Building” support, which means that the support coordinator is there to support the participant and/or their nominee to successfully get things in place. Their role includes assisting participants to understand how everything works until they feel ready to take over managing their own funding.

#Tibii support coordinators offer additional assistance at planning review times and in moments of crisis.

Support coordinators can also help with engaging non-NDIS supports. We know that surrounding people with an awesome and diverse community of cohesive supports creates long lasting, positive change. #Tibii places value in creating and maintaining a balanced support network for participants by ensuring participants and their families have informal (friends, family, community) and mainstream (medical, Centrelink etc.) supports.

Tibii support coordination Mission:

We are fortunate to have the NDIS in Australia and we at Tibii are glad to be a part of the hard working team of providers who support people with disabilities and their families every day to thrive, participate and contribute.

Our support coordinators are using Human-Centred approaches throughout our support coordination department.

Proudly we are the first organization in Australia to employ the Human-Rights model of disability/care within whatever support services we provide to our participants.

For further information please contact us at Tibii:

Phone 08 7070 6181


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