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Assist with Life Stage/ Transition

At Tibii we guide our participants to create routines and access NDIS services they may need at various stages of their lives. 


We assist our participants in building 

skills to identify their own supports and goals. We highlight the participant’s own strengths and how they can be built upon to increase their independence at home and accessing the community. 


These types of supports include:

• developing Independent self-care. 

• expanding living and social skills. 

• crisis and conflict resolution. 

• encouraging a growth mindset. 

• financial mentoring. 

• daily planning and budgeting. 

• assistance with life planning/goal  planning.

• securing accommodation.

• establishing supportive networks and tenancy support.

• mentoring. 

• peer support. 

• individual skill development. 


For further information on these supports please contact us on:


Phone: 1300 736 731


Tibii Human-Centred Disability Support Services 6
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