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Disability a disabled child in a wheelch


Short-term and occasional accommodation in one of Tibii's own locations is an option best suited to some participants and their families.


Support is tailored to the participant's needs, schedule and NDIS goals. Tibii team members maintain a relaxed environment in which our participant is comfortable and enjoys spending time in. This allows the maximum potential for developing skills and building confidence.


Respite is beneficial for our participants, and can provide a crucial break for their families. We at Tibii understand that transition between home and other locations, and between family and other Support Workers can be challenging. We work together with families to achieve harmonious experiences for all, minimising any discomfort. Tibii may help with travel to and from home when accessing Respite. 


One of our Service Coordinators will assist in creating a Service Agreement. This will outline the frequency and duration of Respite. Stays at one of our sites can be occasional or ongoing, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, usually for a weekend. One or more Support Workers may be present, depending on the level of assistance that is required. 


Respite can include attending appointments, sports training, games, shopping, cooking, cleaning, recreational activities and mentoring.


For more information about our Respite Services contact us on:

Phone: 08 7070 6181


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