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Linda Staples

Support Coordinator

Hi I’m Linda.

I’m often described as being really “down to earth”.

As a Support Coordinator I’m positive and non-judgemental and will take the time to understand your life and what is important to you. My view is that we are each the true expert in our lives and I will always actively support your right to exercise choice and control. I also hope to help make navigating the NDIS as straightforward as possible as you pursue your NDIS goals.

My professional background is quite varied. A few years after finishing school, and then overcoming an anxiety disorder, I began a qualification in psychology to understand the mind and mental health better. Following graduation, I worked in child protection (interstate) then returned home to SA to support children in out of home care. I’ve also briefly worked for an aboriginal corporation in family services. More recently I have undertaken roles involving the NDIS (admin in the NDIA; support coordination/recovery coaching).

I possess a strong sense of social justice and have genuine empathy for anyone who’s experienced discrimination, trauma, abuse or social isolation. And I’m excited to be working for Tibii, where support coordination is based on the Human Rights model.

Outside of work I have many interests, but my favourite ways to spend time are the most simple: hanging out with my dog or at the beach; catch-ups with friends or family; or watching a good documentary or YouTube video.

Linda currently has capacity to take on new clients for Level 2 or Level 3 Support Coordination.

Please contact SC Manager Emma at to enquire or complete our referral form (Click here for referral form).

Linda Staples
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